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Our Story


Meet the faces behind lifewithPandJ, a sleek and sustainable lifestyle brand.

Pierre and Janelle are both extremely passionate and driven individuals who are always working together to achieve their goals. They started lifewithPandJ after a year of dating and as a way to express their creativity and share lifestyle tips they were often sought out for by family and friends. Flash forward a few years later, an engagement, a wedding and and living with their parents while building a home together, they've created the lifestyle brand you see today. Based off of their core values of simple, sleek and minimal design, lifewithPandJ is your source for living sustainably in style. 

We often found ourselves struggling to find items that were sustainable without compromising style. It felt like nothing existed out there for individuals who wanted to take small steps to be environmentally friendly, but still had an appreciation for sleek and minimal design. We have an ongoing joke that we love sea turtles but we don't want them on our products, we want to keep them in the ocean! We found ourselves asking questions like "why don't beeswax wraps come in a neutral print? Why can't we find a glass water bottle with a simple design that is gender neutral? Why is it so difficult to find a one litre glass water bottle? Why aren't there sustainable products that cater to those who like neutral colours and style?" 

All these questions led us to where we are today.

We wanted to offer you something that fills all of the voids we found within the sustainable retail market. You'll find that all of our products stay within a certain neutral colour palette that is gender neutral and inclusive. You could buy something for you, your neighbour, your partner, your best friend, your cousin twice removed...there is something for everyone and you never have to worry about not fitting in.

Living sustainably never looked so good.  


Pierre + Janelle