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Our Story


Meet the faces behind lifewithPandJ, a sleek and minimalist lifestyle brand.

We are both extremely passionate and driven individuals who are always working together to achieve our goals. We started lifewithPandJ after a year of dating and as a way to express our creativity and share lifestyle tips we were often sought out for by family and friends. Flash forward a few years later, an engagement, a wedding and living with Janelle's parents while building a home together, we've created the lifestyle brand you see today. Based off of our core values of simple, sleek and minimal design, lifewithPandJ is your source for living genuinely in style. 

We started LifewithPandJ as an Instagram account where we could express ourselves and where we could share our tips and tricks on things like fashion, design, health + wellness, and food. It ended up being much more than that, it is now an amazing community of like-minded individuals that engage, teach, and learn from one another!

This brand is our life, the good, the bad, and the unfiltered. Follow along for genuine, authentic, and hilarious content and products to enrich your life.


Living in style never looked so easy!


Pierre + Janelle