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Why I love Storage Containers

Hi Babe,

If you've been following lifewithPandJ on insta, you know that I have a love (obsession) with organization. Some may call me crazy but having a minimal and organized home gives me peace of mind and actually allows me to create space mentally and physically for the important things. I feel at ease and very calm when I know my home is organized. You too? Yay! We're friends now! 

I strongly believe in putting items in containers. Doesn't matter the size, doesn't matter where, put it in a container and all of a sudden it has a home base and it automatically LOOKS organized. So when I head to HomeSense (HomeGoods for the peeps in the states) I am always checking for storage containers. And when I find them - I buy them - ALL of them. Why? Because you will never regret having too many storage containers and you can always return what you don't use. Plus, you will struggle trying to find that exact same storage container if you need it again. So best to buy in bulk and return what you don't use or need.

I prefer square, clear containers without lids. You can easily access your items, you can easily see your items, and having them square means you can line them up neatly, maximizing the space you have. Win. Win. Win. 

I'm bringing you underneath my kitchen sink to show you how easy it is to organize your home. I used two bins to help organize this area - that's it! A large square storage bin to house most of the items and then repurposed a smaller rectangular shaped storage bin that wasn't being used, to put in smaller items. The key when organizing is to group like things together, throw out anything that is expired or empty, consolidate items (you don't need 3 half empty bottles of dish soap) and keep labels facing out so you can read and see them easily!

*Before: just collected items under the sink, hard to see what you have, messy

You can see that grouping items together in the clear storage container has made the sapce look way more put together and organized. It's easy on the eyes, nothing is going to leak out onto the wood cupboard and stain or ruin your cupboards, items are easy to access when needed, and it's just overall a much more efficient space. 

*After: items group, easy to see, easy to access, much better! 

Now you're probably running out the door to go check your home store for these clear items cause I've convinced you that it's a game changer! haha Happy organizing! 



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