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Fun Facts About Us!

Welcome to the lifewithpandj blog!

We are so happy that you are here and that you've chosen to stop by and take a look around our site! We figure it's probably best that we get to know each other a little bit more, so our first blog post is dedicated to just that. Here's a little brief intro into who we are! 

P and I first met in 2016 and instantly connected (and by instantly, I mean he tried to ask me out three times before and I kept turning him down, until one day I gave in and asked him to go for coffee). That day we met for coffee, we chatted for hours and kept hanging out the following days. We just seemed to click as cheesy as that is - it was easy. We are both very passionate people and we are definitely goal chasers. 

P grew up in Montreal and moved to Calgary when he was 10. Obsessed with hockey, he played non-stop and continued to play up until Junior A in BC. He loves all things sports and is an overall great athlete. He now works in new home sales, while also completing his MBA at the University of Calgary. He is my "numbers" guy, as I like to call him. He does all the back end work in terms of the website and he definitely works his butt off behind the scenes. He is also my number one fan, always supporting my ideas and making them a reality - like this website! He is definitely a bit more camera shy than me, but when he does make an appearance on instagram, it's always so good! He is actually really funny and his dance moves are just something else! 

I grew up in Calgary and have lived here all my life, except for when I completed my B.Ed at the University of Alberta. I am a Jr.High teacher by day (ya ya, I'm crazy, but I love it), a fitness instructor by night, and a content creator on the weekends. Personality type: likes to keep busy (if you couldn't tell haha). I am the "creative" one. I develop the content, take the photos, make the posts - all that fun stuff! Growing up as a dancer - creativity has always been a great outlet for me and this blog is an extension of that! I am very much a person that takes health and wellness seriously. I love eating good food sourced from the earth and I love getting a good sweat in. I feel better mentally, physically and emotionally when I'm eating good food and getting my body moving! 


1. P does not know lyrics to songs and just makes up new words all the time and it drives me crazy!

2. I'm a music snob - hence why the above statement drives me crazy. I grew up listening to records with my dad and have loved music since day one!

3. We've moved three times and we don't plan on doing it again anytime soon.

4. We've been married for 2 years (time is flying).

5. We are big fans of short little four day trips - one of our favourite trips was to Seattle. 

6. Before meeting me, P never did carry-on luggage. 

7. I only do carry on luggage - pro packer over here! 

8. P has more clothes than me.

9. I have anxiety over stuff in the house - I'm a minimalist and organization freak (its a good/bad problem at times).

10. We love all things black and white! Keeping it classy! 

11. I'm allergic to bananas and avocados (it's a tragedy, I'm well aware)

12. P is allergic to anything with fur (no pets in this household)

13. Our first date was meeting for coffee at the Simmons building (the one you see in the main photo for this post) even though neither one of us really drinks coffee haha!) 



P + J



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