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P Shout Out Alert!!

Hi everyone,

If you have been following our Instagram account  or website for a while, you know all too well that my lovely wife Janelle is the mastermind behind all of those amazing pictures and authentic content. 

She puts 110% into everything she does (even when she has very little time or energy) and that translates into hours and hours of work, but she loves it! She is one of the most creative, passionate, and empathetic, and hard working person I have ever known and I wanted to take a second to give her a well-deserved standing ovation!!

Before I met Janelle, I always struggled to figure out my path. I felt like I had energy and wanted to be successful, but didn't know the way to get there, or what my purpose was. I think this is common in our 20's and most of us need to live and learn through trial and error before we figure it out. 

When I met Janelle, things became clearer and since that time, I cannot believe the things we have been able to accomplish not only together, but also personally. We are truly #bettertogether and I wanted to share this moment of vulnerability because I think it is so important to take a moment and appreciate the people in our lives.

During this pandemic, my priorities have become clear to me. All we really have is ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities. We need to take more time to appreciate each other and rally to better one another.

Thank you to all of the amazing front line health workers, thank you to all of the teachers working through uncertainty, thank you for supporting our local businesses, and thank "YOU" for following along on our journey. I hope this has inspired you to take time in your busy lives to say thank you to the amazing people in your lives so that we can all feel a little more connected during the holidays.





Comments (2)

  • Dwan Boyle. on December 10, 2020

    What a thoughtful blog post! These times have really opened our eyes to what is important and allowed many to reevaluate priorities. So glad you found your person. It is very true…#bettertogether when your with your right person. 👏❤️

  • Rita on December 09, 2020

    So proud of you both!

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