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Local Love: Gift Guide

Hi Babe,

With the holidays just around the corner, I wanted to round up some of my local #yyc favourites to help make gift giving a bit easier on you. 

We hear so much about "shop local" but it can be overwhelming to figure out where to go and what to get. So let me be your little helper! Whether you're looking for a family member, a co-worker, a lover, neighbour...I've got you covered!

Leaving my suggestions below and all the instagram handles so you can source out your gifts easily. 

Happy shopping!




For the Holistic Hunnie:

Do not kid yourself, everyone could use just a wee bit more self care this year. 2020 - am I right?! That is why I'm directing you to @dunewellness and @loveyourguts. Dune Wellness is a website, curated by owner Jordyn, that includes all of her personal favourite wellness products. From soy candles, magnesium body sprays, healthy elixir's, natural dry shampoos, to sage smudge wands that are wrapped in dried roses and crystals - she's got it all! It's the perfect place to collect a few gifts for the individual that loves all things health and well being. And speaking of elixirs, the two local babes from @loveyourguts, Danica and Lexi, have done an exceptional job of creating some pretty bad ass and health conscious superfood blends. Their website is full of useful information about the ingredients they use and they even include a few recipes as well...peep the magic match recipe for all those matcha lovers in your life! 



For the Not-So-Basic Babe:

Need something that literally every babe in your life will love? Look no further than the most perfect scrunchies from Sarah @shopnscrnch and beautifully sculpted candles from Cait I've tried a lotttt of scrunchies in my day but none compare to the the quality of @shopscrnch. They are thick, hold your hair up, maintain their shape, and come in so many freakin' cute patterns and fabrics - you'll want to treat yourself too! Then Pair your scrunchie with a hella sexy candle from and you've got yourself a super cool, super trendy, super stellar gift for that babe in your life. 

For the Stationary Savy:

I am a biggg fan of simple and sophisticated stationary (ya, I know I know - no one is surprised by this haha). Also a big fan of beautiful cards. If you know me, you know that I keep every single sentimental card ever given to me- a thoughtfully written card goes so far! So on that note, one of my most absolute favourite local brands for stationary is @wrinkleandcrease . Kayley is the owner and designer of @wrinkleandcrease and creates the most beautiful cards, planners, wrapping paper, gift tags, and even a few art prints. If you like modern, sleek, timeless, classic stationary, you're going to obsess over @wrinkleandcrease. Wrap your presents in her eco wrapping paper and instantly dial up the sophistication notch on your holiday style. 



For the Jewelry Goddess:

I recently started following a local jewelry designer and I am absolutely in love with her work. Stylish and sophisticated, minimal and sleek, you'll find the perfect piece for that person in your life that loves a little touch of glam. 

Jennifer, the creator of @sandandstone, creates all the designs from sustainable sources and prides herself on reducing her environmental impact by using minimal and recyclable packaging (we like that!). Currently eyeing the 'Luna' chain on her website (in case anyone wanted to know..*cough*cough* P *cough*) and patiently waiting for her to drop more evil eye collections (biggg, huge, massive fan of that). 



For the Beauty Buff:

For the one who loves getting pampered, gift them with a gift card to any of these places and I am positive they will be beaming with joy. And ya I said gift card, cause they get a bad rap but they really shouldn't. A gift card to a specific location that you KNOW the recipient is going to love, shows thoughtfulness to me. My top picks include the following:

1. @ultrawhiteclinic - for those white as snow teeth! Relax and kick back while you get your teeth looking fresh. The experience is so comfortable and the new location in yyc is so gorgeous. They also have a location in Saskatoon too if you are in that area! P and I just bought his mom a gift card to @ultrawhiteclinic fo her bday and she was veryyy happy.

PS. for the month of November and December you can use code JANELLE30 for 30% off of a whitening treatment. I love when I can save you a few dollars - use that code! 

2. @lab11official - the place to go for all your medical aesthetics. From state of the art laser treatments, to facials, and permanent makeup, and even botox and fillers. A gift card to the lab will definitely go a long way! They're also hosting 11 days of surprises right now and have some killer deals on some of their treatments and products. 

3. @beautygardenyyc - hands down the best mani and pedi I've ever received was from this gorgeous spot. The staff is so welcoming, the location and design is instagram worthy, and the treatments are spot on. I love heading here for the ultimate pampering. 




For the Mister:

We can't forget about the men in our lives! Check out @adessoman for the latest gear in menswear. They have trendy and stylish wallets, duffle bags, suit accessories, shave kits, a little vintage, a little modern, a little something for every style. 






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