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My Perfect Water Bottle

If you've been following us on instagram for a bit, you'll know about the time I ranted about not being able to find my perfect water bottle. Long story short, my water bottle has to check off these boxes:

1. It has to be GLASS - I don't love stainless steel personally, I think it leaves a weird aftertaste in my mouth, sorry not sorry. And glass is very sustainable! Happy Earth!

2. It has to be 1 LITRE - your girl likes to hydrate, so 2L of water a day is key for me and having a 1L water bottle makes keeping track of that daily intake easy peezy.

3. It has to have a SIPPY STRAW - In a case study (researched by me, asking family and friends lol) most of them said that they drink MORE water if they drink from a straw (science people! haha). But seriously, I couldn't agree more. There's nothing worse than having to chug gulps of water, having it spill all over or drip down your chin, then getting water cramping and feeling bloated and belchy. No fun! Slow and steady sips are best, which is why I love the sippy straw! 

4. It has to have a protective silicone sleeve - cause we're trying to protect that glass! 

So I guess you can say I have high standards for my water bottle but seriously - have you looked at the options out there? It's not great. But do not worry my stylish beauties that enjoy drinking water/want to drink from a cool water bottle that fulfills all the above and then some - I have your back! And with the help of P, we are working on manufacturing the perfect water bottle.

Stay tuned for more updates!!



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